My family! as usual, i am either cracking up or sobbing reading your emails–pretty sure the people in the library must think i am bipolar hah i just remembered when i had my interview with my bishop at byu for my mission and i balled the whole time and he told mom he’s worried i suffer from emotional problems hahahhahahahaha i swear i don’t! but members of our ward might not say the same. we found out on friday night that sister carver is being transferred and going to smolensk which is about a 6 hour train ride away. luckily, it’s one of our areas so i will get to come visit! but it was so hard to find that out–especially because i had had a feeling this last week that i was the one leaving so i had been preparing myself mentally/emotionally and she wasn’t at all! and i just feel guilty almost, that i get to stay. i totally lost it yesterday watching her say goobye to the members. our mission president was visiting our ward yesterday so it was probably awkward for him hahah. but i think it just hasn’t really hit me yet that i’m not going to be with my sister carver 24/7 anymore. but it comforts me to know that we will be best friends forever. and my new companion is incredible–which almost makes it worse because everyone who finds out sister carver is leaving is devastated, but then they find out sister tolbert is coming and they sing the hallelujahs and victory dance which doesn’t exactly make sister carver want to do the victory dance. 

anyways, she will be incredible in smolensk and i”m really happy for her. we have been through soooooo much together, it’s out of control. and i’m still in denial that this will be my last transfer. breaks my heart.
this week was verrry busy–we did two splits and i was able to go back to podolsk (which originally wasn’t one of our areas). it felt so good to come home and i am so happy that i feel just as much at home in ryazan and in podolsk and in moscow and in laguna niguel…..and provo and peru and ireland haha. but it was so touching when this lady I taught (i don’t know if you remember me talking about her, but her name is Hope)…she walked into the branch and she started crying as we embraced. we talked for awhile and had a lesson, and unfortunately, she’s drifted quite a bit and has lost a hunger for truth. but i will never forget everything i learned from her and the Spirit I felt as I taught her, and hopefully she won’t either. she started crying again as we said goodbye and told me that I am a daughter to her. it was one of those moments i will never forget. i also got to see our little natasha who is 15 and preparing for baptism. she is so shy and sweet but we were able to open her up a little bit. and mayyyyyybe we had a dance party to efy music. maybe.
like dad said, it has been verrrry rainy in moscow. poor troy. but tonight we have a culture night and i am going to my first russian ballet!!! dream come true! i can’t wait! it will be the perfect way to say goodbye to my sister carver. and the next few days will be crazy because president asked sister carver and i to accompany the assistants and do orientation with the new greenie babies that are coming tomorrow and we will be giving them training and taking them our contacting and sister carver and i are going to make them cookies and tell them about the miracles we’ve seen and we get to sleep over with them and do studies with them and i can’t wait to just absorb as much of their energy as i can and try to help them absorb my love for this country as much as they can. 
also. remember lada? the miracle woman who fell into our laps and was baptized the week before nastya was? so her mom is from ryazan, i think i mentioned, and came to her baptism. then i hooked her up with the missionaries in ryazan when she went back and after the first lesson with the elders, she agreed to be baptized! sooooo exciting! she started the Book of Mormon that day and is already in 2 Nephi and will be baptized October 5th. she came to visit Lada this weekend and so she came to our ward on sunday and we met with her and lada after church. It’s literally deja vu because we just taught Lada the Gospel of Jesus Christ three weeks ago (more like, reviewed it…she knows everything), and then we got to watch Lada share the same scriptures we shared with her, and she bore her testimony to her mom and when I asked Lada’s mom, Loodmeela, what she was going to do tomorrow (which is now today), she said, “family history!” they are already preparing to go to the temple together. i obviously have no words to express what it feels like to be a part of all this…to be a part of the salvation of souls. maybe i do have the emotional problems haha because i am crying as i write this. but i just want to thank you, my family and all of my friends and loved ones. for teaching me and preparing me for this. and for praying for me. i am SO so so happy. and it is my DREAM to be in the kiev temple with lada and her mother and i know that dreams come true. wooohhooooo have a great week!