Dearest family, 

thank you so much for the family history stories!! but wow…super intense and graphic with the indians. yikes. sidenote: i’ve been thinking about how i want to relearn spanish and french and keep up my russian and dun dun dun DUN! learn swedish, too. so i will learn swedish lullabies and sing them to my sweet avenlea and siena.
and mama-thank you for sharing that thought from ben’s talk–that was really powerful and made a big impact on me.
soooo….this week was crazy.
we got stood up quite a bit. and my dearrrrrrrest karina who was supposed to be baptized august 24th…then she had a new date for october 26th and on saturday we reviewed all of the interview questions and she was so so ready and i fasted for her on sunday and then we found out that she still needs to figure out things with her boyfriend and she’s going to wait until after their trip to holland together. honestly my heart broke and it was really hard—of course i dreamed of being there but it’s not about that. it just broke my heart because i’m scared that she keeps letting her fears hinder her and she needs to take that step of faith and i don’t want her to just keep pushing it back–the more we push away the Spirit, the less often He comes. BUT i still have so much faith in Karina. She is strong. and she is ready. mannnnn do i love her. i could never express how much i love my karina.
so anyways, sacrament meeting was a little rough but then we started teaching this girl named elena two weeks ago and she couldn’t come to sacrament meeting but came for sunday school and relief society and she is my new best friend! and she loved church! and after relief society, the door opened and there stood my NASTYA!!! she moved and is now in a different ward and since last week was general conference, yesterday was her first day in her new ward. it’s like sending my child to her first day of kindergarden. i worried about her and hoped the teachers would be nice and that she’d make new friends haha but i was SO happy to see her. she’s so cute and came straight after her ward and then she helped us with our lesson with elena about the book of mormon. it was so wonderful!! and elena asked nastya if she was in our ward and nastya said no and elena asked why she had come and nastya looked at me and smiled and said, “because i just really love sister hawkins” it was the sweetest ever.
tonight we’re having family home evening at our senior couple’s, the millars, and elena is coming and my other new best friend dasha is, too! i can’t wait. i met dasha on the metro on friday. her mother is a stewardess and she’s been all over the world! she’s been to california dozens of times and went to bali this summer!!! i told her that bali is my dream and that it was my mama’s dream for one of her children to be a stewardess or a pilot and that’s why she had 5–to make the odds better. but unfortunately, we so far have all failed her. blake! you’re our last hope! haha
i called dasha last night to invite her to fhe and she said she was SO excited and couldn’t wait and that she had wanted to call me but thought that I should be the first to call hahaha it was so cute. i told her she’s my new best friend and i can’t wait to introduce her to all of our other friends. woohooooo!!!!!!!
i’m feeling very strange. to be honest. but your love and support means a lot to me and i know everything will be great. prayyyyyyyy for me!!!