i once again am reminded of when kevin was serving and he realized that there were just too many blessings and it didn’t add up–he knew they weren’t just a result for his prayers but for the prayers of all of the family and friends that were praying for him. that’s how i feel!
last monday we did a split with other sisters in moscow, but in a different ward because they had someone they’ve been teaching who’s INCREDIBLE and ready to be baptized, but they found out she lives in our area so she needs to be taught by the missionaries in our ward (us) and be baptized into our ward. it’s actually a HUGE huge huuuuuge problem/nightmare that comes with serving in moscow. people need to go to their own ward but often it takes a long time before you find out where someone lives and people move so often it’s hard to motivate yourself to go through all that effort of passing and transitioning with the thought in the back of your mind, “who knows, they could move into our boundaries next year…” but then you just remember that it’s not about you and we’re all on a team so you just do whatever’s best for the person being taught.
so this woman’s name is lada and i went to the lesson with the other sister and our companions stayed home because sister carver was still really sick. sister hunter and i (this other sister) taught her the plan of salvation and some of the commandments and the Spirit was SO strong and everything just clicked for Lada. She totally understood about the transition into the arbatsky ward, as well. And as I was getting to know her, I asked her if she was from Moscow and she said, “no, i’m from ryazan…” “FROM WHERE?!?” obviously i freaked out and told her i’m also from ryazan. it’s fate. and her mom and brother still live in Ryazan and are super supportive of her. Lada’s going to ryazan this weekend to pick up her mom so her mom can be at her baptism a week from saturday (August 31st!!!) and they’ll be going to church in Ryazan next week. we hurried and called the Ottleys to tell them the great news!! it makes me feel so close and connected to Ryazan when I think about our Lada being with those members–our Russian family.
later on last week sister carver and i taught her (and also the wife of our senior couple because lada speaks english so we did it half in english and half in russian) the Gospel of Jesus Christ. once again it was incredible and we asked her why she wants to be baptized and she said, “because I want to be in the fold of the Shepherd”..it was so beautiful.
and the senior couple is actually kinda new–they’ve been here for about a month and i’m obsessed with them!!! the millers. they’re from heber city and SO loving and curse sister miller for being such a wizard in the kitchen! she makes us lunch once a week for district meeting and we all end up in pain almost because we eat so much it’s soooooooo good. and sister miller’s testimony added so much to our lesson. shout out to all you empty nesters!!!! we younger missionaries would be useless without senior couples. we need you!
anyways, Lada came to church on sunday and everyone just fell in love with her. We asked her what time would be convenient for her for her baptism and she said, “convenient? it will be the happiest day of my life! i would be baptized at 5 AM to greet the new day if you wanted me to!” we decided the members might not feel the same way and we want them to come hah so it will be in the afternoon but we are just sooooo excited! i just can’t even believe it.
i’m so happy. so so happy. i hope you are too!
shout out to my maddie–you are my hero! i know the Lord is so so proud of you and is so grateful for the way you love and serve His children in Latvia. I wish i could be there to greet you upon your return but i’ve been thinking about you and praying for you!