ahhh i’m the worst and actually won’t really be able to write today. We met someone on wednesday, she came to church yesterday, and wanted to meet today. Even though it’s our p-day, we couldn’t pass up a chance to teach the gospel so we met with her today at the time we usually write home. then the lesson went way longer than planned (in the best way) and we had to run some errands and got lost trying to find this store and everything took way longer than we thought and our night train leaves in a few hours and we haven’t eaten/showered/packed and the post office closes in 20 minutes! ahhh!! but i just wanted to tell you i love you so much and i didn’t want you to worry about me this week or think i forgot about you!

happy father’s day dad!!! i’m the worst daughter in the world because actually i had NO idea it was father’s day until i glanced at nicole’s email….yikes. russia doesn’t have father’s day–instead they have “men’s day” when all the men celebrate their masculinity and that was in february. but i can’t even begin to tell you how grateful i am for you–you’re a gem and the best father anyone could ever ask for. thank you for your prayers and your devotion to God and to mom and to us.

this week has been incredible!!! TWO HUUUUUUUUUGE miracles came out of nowhere by the means of paulina and karina. Paulina is a 17 year old girl who is super mature for her age and me and sister carver call her “ponderful” because she is pensive and really ponders/thinks things through and it’s wonderful and she’s wonderful. so ponderful. there’s SO much i want to tell you all about her and how we found her and how our lesson went but let me just give you a sneak peak: there was much joyful jigging as soon as she walked out of the room on mine and sister carver’s part. I didn’t think things could get better, but then we met karina. She’s a 40ish woman (who is flawlessly beautiful and looks 30 at the oldest) and she’s a karate trainer and kicks butt and is so strong–physically and spiritually. she’s SO wise and so prepared and ready to make these changes. i can’t wait to tell you all about her.
we went to tver this week and had a wonderful exchange with the sisters there and it’s SO beautiful there and we walked along the volga river and ate icecream before we got on our train back. tonight we leave again, like i said, and we will be gone pretty much the whole week….i’ll explain next week. but pray for us because there will be two night trains, a bus ride, and an airplane this week!!! (we have a visa trip the day we get back from our double splits in lipitsk and voronesh).

Crazy wonderful times. i’ve never been happier or more tired.

i love you!!!