dearest family,

this week has been miraculous!! sister carver and i craaaacked ourselves up trying to teach this chinese mother who speaks no russian and a littttttttttttttttttttttle bit of english but she is SO sweet and funny and has the cutest daughter in the whole world and so we tried to just teach her that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and she didn’t really understand haha so this should be interesting. and texting trying to set up the lesson was hystericallllll hahahahhah and she wanted to meet at a “children’s amusement park” and we were so confused, trying to picture disneyland or something, but we showed up and it was a bench with a swingset and slide hahahah and she just says the funnniest things (mostly because everything is funny in a chinese accent) but man we already love her and her family so much and we gave her a restoration movie she can watch in chinese and committed her to watch it with her husband and they invited us over for dinner this next week and are going to make us chinese food and we’re going to bring with us this member who’s from china so he can translate and so we can start teaching them about how they can be together forever.
i was so touched by what you shared with me from ian’s talk—i wish i could have heard it–IAN i love you so much. you have always been a hero of mine, ever since we were in miss solk’s class together but somehow didn’t even talk that much ahhahah
anyways, yesterday was out of control. in the best way. sister carver and i decided the day before to fast for this girl we’re teaching named nastya who met with the missionaries a few years ago and prayed and felt like she didn’t receive an answer so she decided to keep searching for “her path”…we met her and asked if she’d be willing to give it another try…..and turns out she’s been reading the Book of Mormon still and is in 3 Nephi–the part that she’s been waiting for–when Christ comes to the peoples n the Americas. sister carver and i realized what a vital time this is for nastya to receive the answer she’s been looking for so we decided to fast and seriously, the heavens just opened up and the Lord always blesses us way more than we ever expect when we just show our willingness to be obedient and then to go a little beyond and to sacrifice. 
none of those we teach showed up for sacrament meeting and we were so bummed…and we sat down in Gospel Principles and the theme was “sacrifice’ and we turned to each other and shared that we had both immiediately thought about karina—another person we teach who i told you about a few weeks ago who is a MIRACLE but who left to go out of town (like everyone else!!). anyways, we thought, “boooo we wish karina was here for this, this is exactly what she needs…” and BAM!!! in walked Karina. she got back from her trip from greece yesterday and was SO sad she overslept today and missed sacrament meeting and kept saying throughout the day what a pity it was that she missed sacrament meeting.
we were sooo grateful and started praying in thanksgiving—it was indeed just what karina needed to hear and she participated and asked so many questions….and i mean SOOO many questions…but really good questions. she reallllly wants to understand and be able to apply each principle of the Gospel and each aspect of each principle. our Gospel Principles teacher is also the ward mission leader and his name is Kostya and he is AMAZING! so wise and so kind and never judges anyone and he reallllly knows the Gospel and has such a beautiful testimony. anways, Karina kept asking questions and so we just stayed sitting down and everyone left after sunday school to go to relief society and priesthood, but we stayed and it turned into a lesson with a member present. halfway through, in walked nastya!! the one we were fasting for! so she joined in but then after church was over and the lesson with karina was still going and we realized we needed to teach nastya the lesson we had planned and give her equal attention so kostya had to leave and we ran in the hall and grabbed two members in our ward (both young returned missionaries who are now ward missionaries and the paragan of who i want to be when i grow up—seriously my role models) so we did a member split and sister carver stayed with karina and it turned into the second lesson with a member present–this time with darina….and this member oksana came with me and nastya and we taught her separately and had an incredible lesson as we read together most of Alma 32 and talked about planted the seed–which is the Word of God, which is the Book of Mormon–in our hearts. reading and pondering and praying about it…and then nourishing that faith–that desire to know–and paying attention to feelings of spriitual growth and englightenment because that’s how we know whether or not something is true….light is discernible and light is truth and truth is from God. it was such a beautiful lesson and oksana was incredible!!! and then when it was over, i joined back in with karina and darina and sister carver. then darina had to leave and this other member alexander walked in hahah so we had a four hour lesson with Karina and taught her all of the lessons and all of the commandments and it was really three lessons with members present…just back to back. (plus a lesson with nastya and a member present), and our lesson with karina ended with her asking if she could ask her billionaire friend to sponsor the construction of a temple in moscow (ahhahahha we tried to explain that it doesn’t really work that way) AND it ended with a baptismal date!! august 24th. it would be sooner, but she’s going to be in sweden for a few weeks.she’s sooo ready!!  woooooooo! we were exhausted!!! we left for church around 12:30 and got home at 8:30 and did a call session before we went to bed…so wiped out but NEVER happier!! i’m still kind of in shock. 
and i’m so grateful. i literally cannot express my gratitude enough. i also must quote alma 26, like nicole, but i will quote verse 16: “i cannot say the smallest part of which i feel”
i hope your week is also full of miracles. i love you so much and am so proud to be your daughter, sister, aunt, niece, granddaughter, friend, etc. and i’m so proud to be a missionary at this time and in this place. i love my moscow. and i love you!