saying goodbye to podolsk was hard and i love those people so much!!! but i think i was still kinda in denial and didn’t let myself really think about it too much–everything happened to quickly. serving with sister carver again is the best!! no awkward transitions, no getting used to each other. i’m still kind of in shock that we’re serving together and everyday i just pray with so much gratitude for her and for this chance to serve with her again and learn even more from her. a perfect example of why we were made for each other:
saturday night we had a lesson with the only investigator we have right now (shotgunning/ whitewashing is kinda crazy so we’re working really hard to still work with the members and build them up/gain their trust but we realllly want to focus on finding people to teach). anyways, this lady’s name is Maria and she lives just outside of moscow and sister prows (my mtc companion who we replaced in arbatsky–our ward in moscow) told us it takes an hour. so obvioulsy we gave ourselves a little more than an hour and a half to calculate getting lost/figuring everything out. HAH!!! we got off the metro and wandered around on the phone with sister prows trying to find the bus stop and when we found it, the bus was pulling away so we had to wait for the next one. then it started to rain and the traffic was horrible and so we left our house a little before 4:30 and our lesson was at 6 and we got there at 7:30! an hour and a half late and DRENCHED! it was soooo funny because on our way to the metro sister carver accidentally flat tired me and my shoe broke haha my leather almost sandally ones and we were wearing short sleeves and no tights because it had been SO hot but then we were trekking through the pouring rain in the mud to her apartment and my shoe was broken and i was trying to keep it on so i turned into the hob-goblin (shout out to the mcarthurs) and did this swinging thing with my leg as i walked through the mud hahahahah and sister carver and i were just craaaacking up and our Maria was in shock when she opened the door hahahah it was so funny! and sister carver and i just realize that that’s what it’s going to be like for us–getting lost and being late and things breaking and the pouring rain. but we just LOVE it and laugh our heads off and it’s just such an adventure everyday.
Maria is wonderful and had us change into some of her cozy sweaters and we sat and got to know each other and clicked instantly and it’s great because the last sisters taught her in english because she speaks perfect english but we prefer to speak in russian and really should teach the gospel in russian whenever we can and we were worried that it might be hard to transition because usually people who know english want to practice and don’t want to speak russian but she was totally fine with it–we just started right off the bat in russian and sometimes she’d switch to english and ask us questions but we just answer in russian. she’s amazing–so kind and so sincere. and she’s amazed as to how beautiful and young our parents are haha “how is it even possible?!” and i just say, “yeah i know my parents are babe parents” but we used it as an opportunity to testify of the blessings of the word of wisdom because she was supposed to be baptized last week i guess but she can’t give up coffee so we’re working with her on that but unfortunately she left yesterday for belarus because she’s seeking medical treatment–her health is reallly bad.
anyways, yesterday church was incredible! definitely overwhelming–there are about 100 people that come each week….and i’m used to 15-20 tops. and there are so many families! so many crying babies hahah it felt like when i’d come home for the weekend and i had gotten used to the silence of the singles ward haha but i love it. at first i was kinda sad because i’ve been trying to study the area book and memorize faces and names and i feel bad because in every other branch i had everyone’s names memorized the first sunday…but i’ve accepted the fact that it will take some time. and everyone was so nice and accepted us so quickly and invited us over for this week and said things like, “hey can you come over on saturday?? we have a neighbor we want to invite over for you to meet and teach” WHAT?!!? hahahah miracle! and things like, “hey i visit those i visit teach almost weekly but i think she could use some extra support, will you guys come with me this week when I visit her?” WHAT?!? visiting teaching that’s actually being done?! miracle!!! we’re so excited to serve these people and we already love them so much already.

and today or tomorrow sister carver and i are going to be planning out our travels. so crazy. a lot of night trains. so there are two companionships of training sisters and the other companionship has more sisters to visit but we have to travel more/farther. but we’re really excited for the adventures that await us!! woohoo! it’s so awesome serving with sister carver again because we needed that time apart hahah it sounds like we’re dating. pretty much are. but we grew so much and learned so much and now we’re stronger and pushing each other more.

i love you so much! have a great week!