Right now i’m in a fort we built and we’re having a picnic inside it and it’s pouring rain outside. Epic.

this week was wonderful because we had the chance to meet with our dear natasha and Hope again and man i just LOVE to teach. it felt so good to teach again–we’ve been teaching members but that’s different….there’s nothing that compares to what it feels like to teach the gospel truths to someone who hasn’t heard them before.
I’ve also been trying to really prepare for conference by rereading as many sessions as I can and i have felt such a huge difference day to day because I feel immersed in the words of the modern prophets and apostles. I am so grateful for President Monson and for the knowledge i have of the restoration. I can’t WAIT for conference, but unfortunately I have to for an extra week. 
Yesterday I had to keep reminding myself it was easter but i tried to find as many opportunities as possible to testify of Christ and His resurrection. I know that He lives. It is so apparent to me as I see lives change, dark becomes light, sorrow becomes joy, confusion becomes understanding and turmoil becomes peace. 
I am so grateful to know that the Prince of Peace broke the bands of death and I’m grateful for this Easter in Russia and for the chance to share this good news!
Have a good week!