this week was great–no meteor hit for me and no snow storm. on saturday we had a special treat–our misssion just started up “training sisters” which means we get to experience “splits” as well–so the training sisters sister eisenhower and sister jolley came on friday night and had a sleepover and then on saturday i was with sister jolley and sister eisenhower was with sister parry and we went to a different city in our area (our area’s HUGE and includes many cities. the one we went to is something like klemvosk and there’s one called something like silly cotton eye and i always want to go there because it’s fun to say). but we went contacting and it was fun to see how sister jolley does things and to learn new ideas and we saw a lot of miracles together…usually mom’s with strollers are the meanest for some reason but we talked to one who was SO nice and honest and it was great and we gave her a Restoration pamphlet and got her number and then we were walking down the street and i was like, “man, i wish i had a family proclamation. then i’d chase her down” i looked in my purse just to double check and lo and behold! i had one left! so i kept my word and I SPRINTED down the ice hahahah and sister jolley was behind me yelling, “don’t slip. whatever you do don’t slip” and I almost did but caught myself haha. miracle. 
speaking of miracles, we were able to meet with quite a few inactive members and find ways to serve them and I felt the Spirit SO strongly with one family. I think one of the most powerful feelings in the world is when I have the opportunity to call someone by name and say that the Lord knows them by name and express His love for them with my words….it’s something inexplicable. I looked at this family who at first was kind of cold but i just quadruple the love when such things happen and by the end of the lesson, I got them all to smile! success! I looked at the grandma and said, “Larissa! Heavenly Father loves you so much. and He’s proud of you for being such a good grandma and mama and He know’s you’re working so hard. He knows your job is hard and He knows your needs and He knows how to comfort you.” then at the mama, “He knows your name, Galya, and He knows you’re sick right now. He blessed you with your wonderful daughter and He knows how much you love her and He knows how to heal you.” then at the daughter, “Vereneeka! God loves you SO much and He knows how pure your heart is and He knows your potential and He wants to answer your questions and guide you…” When we walked out I just felt just overwhelming comfort to know that the Spirit guided me to know exactly what to say to soften their hearts, to build their trust, and to show them love we all desperately need. I hope we can continue to invite the Spirit into their home so that it can lead them to come back to church so they can receive all the blessings the Lord wants to give them. 
This morning I was reading in Isaiah and I was struck my a verse that I’ve read and loved before…It’s Isaiah 48:18 and it’s also in the Book of Mormon so it’s extra familiar but it pretty much says, “If only you were obedient! then you could have peace like a river and righteousness as the waves of the sea!” And the phrase “peace like a river” struck me and the song by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came into my head (one of my jams) and I thought about the significance of the analogy. And then I thought about Pocahontas when she says, “but a river isn’t steady at all!” it’s always moving and changing…thank you Pocahontas!! now i understand what Isaiah is talking about. He doesn’t say “peace like a lake”–though lakes are a lot more “peaceful”–they are stagnant. Rivers, on the other hand,  like Pocahontas recognizes, are always moving and changing. If we are obedient, we can progress and move forward–move towards something–and change for the better….become like Christ. And this brings peace. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but me, but it gave me new insight. into the mission, and into life. both are always moving and changing, but if we are obedient, we can find peace in the fact that this change is for the better–it’s bringing us towards our goal. and I just realized another connection! rivers lead to the ocean!! so our obedience (the river) with lead to righteousness (the waves of the sea), And I thought about how powerful waves are–and how powerful righteousness is! I thought about how many times i’ve almost drowned because i’m such a bad swimmer haha “No lifeguard, I’m okay, I promise!!” haha…waves are super powerful. just watch blue crush if you don’t believe me.  and righteousness is super powerful! we can come off conqueror every time when we are righteous and obedient. Jess, I’m excited to read your talk on obedience–I took pictures of it so i can read it later.
I gotta go but I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!