I am so obsessed with the Book of Mormon–it is the BEST book I tell ya!! This last week I’ve been reading the beginning of Alma and have just been blown away once again. I know that it is true and that it was written for US, personally. Alma 5 is one of my alll time favorites and I love in Alma 7:7 when he says that there is “one thing which is of more importance than they all” and it is Christ. When I read the scriptures, names come into my head for each verse and how that verse could be applied to the situation of someome I know or am teaching and how that Gospel principle could bless their lives. I was reading about when Alma and Amulek are talking to Zeezrom and they say, “If thou believest in the redemption of Christ thou canst be healed” (alma 15:8). and I was overwhelmed with the truthfulness of that statement and with the simplicity of the Gospel. If we have faith, and we show our faith, we see miracles. I thought of a less active named Svetlana who’s lungs are destroyed from the fires in Russia a few years ago. Whenever we meet and talk her situation seems hopeless–the world would definitely say so. there is no logical “way out” or freedom from her health and economic stresses…and yet. I know that if she has faith in Christ she will be healed…physically and spiritually. And I’m honored that it’s my job to help her find that faith.

last night was the best night of my life. it was the halloween party. we were devastated this week when we found out that our zone conference was cancelled because of the riots in moscow but even more devastated when we heard that President Sorenson said “no costumes allowed” for ward halloween parties. we were already planning on being a lion and a zebra because obviously i have those masks! but joke’s on them, we will always dress up! we found a loophole!! Sister Carver and I accidentally bought matching summer dresses last week because we went to H&M (yes, they have one in ryazan and it’s the best thing) on p-day because i needed a beanie and a new purse because mine broke in half–it endured many trials and afflictions and too much weight for the last 6 months and now it’s seen its end. but when we were there we saw these dresses that reminded us of days of sunshine and being tan and they were on sale for the equivalent of $10 and only had two left so whoops! we bought them and decided we’d save them for summer and that it was important for companionship unity. so we remembered these matching dresses and decided to be twins for halloween! and the dresses kinda made us look like dolls. so we were twin dolls. and sometimes we’d sneak and put on alien sunglasses. so we were alien twin dolls. but we broke no rules!! I can’t possibly explain this night and how hilarious it was but it included typical american halloween festivities such as mummy wrapping and pumpkin carving but the highlight was when we won one of the categories of the costume contest and when we stood up to get the certificates, sister carver whispered to me and said, “we need to put on our alien sunglasses and irish dance” and i said, “right now?” and she said yes. and told allah to cue the music. it was hysterrrrrrrical and sister carver is so good at irish dancing! everyone thought we had planned and practiced. it was the best ever and elder ottley got a video but it’s too big to send so you’ll have to wait till october 2013.
here are some pictures to illustrate:
1. making decorations pre=party. elder brasier let me wear his welding goggles for the picture.
2. VLADIMIR! this guy is going to stay with you. i am so excited for you. when i saw him walk in, i almost fell over. when we asked what he is, he said (in English) “Russian Dark Knight” hahahahahahahhahaha. he is my best friend.