Thank you for the pictures of home!! They were a good reminder for me–“oh yeah, I forgot I’m from paradise.” I read 2 Nephi 9 this morning for my personal study and was so enthused by his gratitude! I love how aware he is of the blessings from the Lord and he just keeps saying, O! How great is the goodness of God? How great is His justice and mercy! How great is His holiness and knowledge! How great is His plan for us!!!” That’s how I feel right now. I love the hymn, “How Great Thou Art!” How true it is.
Life in Ryazan is beyond dandy! Time is the strangest thing and sometimes I panic because I realize my training is more than halfway over–how did that happen?! And then who knows what will happen? I might have to leave Ryazan!!! AHHHHH!!!! I wish to stay here forever! But last week when I went to Moscow while my companion went to Latvia for her visa trip, I did splits with the sisters there and we had a lesson with a member who recently became active in the church again and my goodness I’ve never drank so much tea in my life but my goodness she was the sweetest lady ever and I was instantly filled with love for her. So I thought, “Oh good! I guess I will love everywhere and everyone I serve–I can’t imagine loving anywhere and anyone more than the people of Ryazan but I guess it’s universal. Phew!”
Dad–to answer your question about what I eat…at home we eat what’s quick and cheap–so pasta, pizza, sandwiches, cornflakes, soup, and gretchka–which is buckwheat and I LOVE it! And I think it’s really healthy so hurrah! I also eat a looot of apples. People love apples here. When we eat at people’s homes (which is really rare), we drink a loooot of tea, eat soup or gretchka, and then I’ve had borsch once and ploav (sp?) once and both were the best things that have ever happened to me! You also should be proud of me because people love just eating tomatoes plain and they love onions and cucumbers (shout out to my Maddie) and so I have grown accustomed to such things. That’s about it.
The work is going well–we had some pretty incredible lessons this last week and we have realized that even simple basic doctrine goes way over people’s head sometimes. But it is so true that people can deny the most obvious things but they cannot deny or refute when we testify humbly and sincerely. So that’s what we do. And Bishop Simmons emailed me last week (or maybe the week before?) about patience. I realized that we need to be careful for what we pray for haha! I’ve been praying for patience and the Lord sure hears my prayers and has sent me…certain…individuals to work with. But my goodness I love them and I’m in it for the long run. At the end of one of our lessons this last week our investigator said, “I don’t know how you girls do it. I don’t know how you put up with me and are so patient with me” I laughed and told him to add it to the list of things he should thank the Lord for because it had nothing to do with us–I wanted to say to him, “I ask myself the same thing everyday!” haha
Random fact about Russians: they don’t understand the connotation of the word “foxy”–they think it means “fox-like,” as in clever and cunning. So I always blush and try not to laugh when Russians always tell me, “you’re very foxy” hahah! Then a fox you shall be, my foxy lady!!
I’m so sorry these are always way longer than I intend. I love you so much and hope you are having the time of your life wherever ye may be!