MY FAMILY!!! I love you ohhh so much and love hearing from you each week! Blake, I know you will make us so proud in the ping pong competitions as Aspen Grove and mom, keep it up with the crazies–you are amazing. I’m so jealous you get to see Grandma Hawkins!! I miss her so much–tell her how much I love her, will you? And I will be praying for Aunt Jan. Mama–I don”t need anything but the calling card would be great! I Don”t have my travel plans but I”m supposed to get them tomorrow. Oh man I just remembered that–that”s so surreal!
NICOLE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Dad”s report of the sunrise hike sounds wonderful! I am the absolute worst sister and forgot to think ahead last week and can only write once a  week so your birthday card is being sent today.
This week has been grand! Last night”s devotional included 10 of the 12 apostles on the stand! All but the First Presidency, Elder Hales, and Elder Packer were there and the Spirit hit my like a wall when they entered the room–I know that they are men of God. The speaker was L. Tom Perry which was great! We already heard from him at a devotional a few weeks in but I can”t complain for getting to hear from an apostle twice. I wish I could go up to each of them on the stand and tell them each the profound impact they”ve had on my life, thing’s they”ve said that have inspired me that I will never forget. But it”s always incredible to remember that they are just ordinary men, and so humbe. But God qualifies us for the work and when they speak, they speak with the Holy Ghost and that”s what changes lives. And I have that power, too…if I live worthy of the Spirit and if I allow it to work through me, it will have a profound impact on the people!
This week I”ve had to try extra hard not to “”plateau”” which when I”ve been here so long. It”s easy to allow my language skills and my attitude to just plateau but I”ve been working really hard on diligence and focus and I”ve been trying really hard not to count down! haha count down till I get to see my BROTHER!!! Ahhhh Kev I can”t wait to see your face. And hug you….hopefully I remember how to do that.
My theme for the MTC, I don”t know if I”ve told you this, is “”More Holiness Give Me”” I read the lyrics every day and start singing it whenever I want to change my thoughts.

I have just a short amount of time to just get everything I can out of the MTC–I truly love it here and am amazed at the ability the Spirit has to teach us….I know I would have never been able to learn Russian at BYU and I know I still don”t know Russian now–I constantly have reality checks when I realize I actually don”t know anything…and yet, when I need to speak, I speak. The Gospel is true!!! I know it. I love you!!! Travel safely, okay?! I”’m excited to hear about Aspen Grove shenanegans! I love that place but I can honestly say I have no desire to be there right now…..Neverthelessssss! you better win the Aspen Follies! In loving memory of Sister Hawkins