HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! I love America, but I’ll see ya later!
MY FAMILYYY!!!!! so eventful my goodness! First, I’m so glad to hear of your visit with Grandma–I think about her so much and am so glad to hear she’s doing so well–what a trooper romping around campus my goodness. and I have been praying everyday for Jan and my heart is broken for Dennis and their family but I know that miracles happen, even if that miracle is peace. I am SO honored to have been dedicated our talent show production at Aspen Grove–I can only imagine how epic it was!! Tell the family how much I love them. I’ve been praying all week that every one would feel so much love and unity and that there wouldn’t be any contention/hurt feelings and from what I hear, the Spirit is so strong and everyone’s just supporting each other! Our family is amazing, as you know, and I have been so aware recently how incredible it is–how everyone serves each other and is there for each other. A shoutout to my Grandmamaw! You are the reason this is all happening!
I hadn’t heard about Nick and Ellie!!! I am so happy for them–nope, happy does not suffice. They are made for each other my goodness and I AM IN SHOCK—THE BESSSST KIND OF SHOCK!!!!!! TYLER AND ERIN?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!? My friend Marianne’s parents are branch presidents at the MTC so it’s so fun seeing her sometimes and she had told me Tyler had a girlfriend but she didn’t know her name. Now I am thrillled beyond imagine–it’s not a girlfriend, it’s a fiance, and my very own cousin!!! Dreams come true. They are perfect for each other–and tell Laura that Tyler is the best human on the face of the Earth and I was always worried there’d never be a girl worthy of him but indeed he has found her–I love Erin so much.
Speaking of Erin’s and weddings-I received a wedding announcement for Erin and Scott this last week–thank you for thinking of me, that was so sweet and made my day! I am so happy for all of my closest friends this is so exciting.
Speaking of exciting I received my dictionary!!!!!! And I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Thank you so much! Tell Kevin how much it was so I can give him a check when I see him. Oh my gosh when I see him!! I feel a little girl skipping and shouting in this email but who cares–that’s how I feel. I get to see my brother!! And I don’t need anymore luggage and will be tossing whatever he brings to me so keep that in mind. And the front desk told me that we have 30 minutes to talk! I CAN”T WAIT!! In Russian people say, “I wait with impatience” to say they’re excited. And thanks for the calling card!! We got our travel plans and here’s the 411: We report to the travel office at 5AM and our flight takes off in SLC at 8:30. We have one layover in NYC for one hour (Shoutout to my New York Birthday girl, Amanda-I love you so!) but that airport is huge so that one hour layover will be frantic-no time. Then straight from New York to Moscow!!! SO surreal! So fast–so this means that I will only be able to call in Salt Lake–and probably very briefly. And it will be sometime between 6:30 and 8 Utah time/5:30 and 7 California time (Sorry!!).
I can’t believe this is my last p-day at the MTC. I can’t really explain how it feels but I will try to sum it up: I love the MTC and it has been so good to me. I have learned in unquantifiable ways. I have felt the Spirit so strongly everyday. I have grown to love the people I serve with and they have taught me things “I never knew I never knew” (Pocahontas4life). But I’m ready to say goodbye and to go to my Russia–the word “ready” is funny though, so let me clarify: I am ready to get there and realize that I know absolutely no Russian. And I’m ready to feel like an alien somewhere completely new, and I’m ready to love the people more than they’ve ever been loved and I’m ready to completely rely on the Lord because sometimes I remember what I’m about to do and I laugh out loud–because it’s preposterous!!! I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know Who I’m doing it for! AHHHHH butterflies don’t even begin to explain it–it’s better than skydiving.
But last night we had a devotional and it may have been my favorite (which is pretty hard to choose, as you can imagine) but it was from an emeritus of the Seventy and his last name is Japanese so you’ll have to forgive me because I don’t remember what it is and will not try to spell it–but he was so sincere and so heartfelt and humble and I don’t think it was anything that he said that particularly made an impace, but the Spirit that he evoked when he spoke mesmorized me, and it was an answer to my prayers because I’ve been praying to be humbled, but prayers like that are always scary! ha! because I don’t know what means of humbling I’m asking for/agreeing to. But the Lord knows me and knows how I need to be taught. And I realized this last night: I am not humbled when someone “puts me in my place” or when I’m criticized or when I feel stupid. But rather, when I am profoundly impressed with someone, and this person teaches me about my potential, and how I’m not reaching it. And then the Spirit communicates to me in a way unique to myself, and I realize how much harder I need to be working and how much more focused I need to be. And this is what happened to me last night, and I am so grateful. The word “grateful” is not sufficient. But there is one thing that he said that hit me the hardest: he said that we need to allow Gethsemane to affect us 24 hours a day. When he said that, I thought about what “Gethsemane” entails–and what it means to me personally. And I can’t explain what goes on in my heart when I think about it. But I know that I can do so much more to allow the Atonement, and Christ’s mercy, willingness, forgiveness, unconditional love and understanding, sacrifice, pain, suffering, and light to influence me–to inundate me and consume me. All day everyday!
Though patience is something I’ve been working on haha, as my Russians would say, “I wait with impatience” I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!! This is for my family, this is for Dmitri, and this, this is for me: Da-Sveedanya
“impossible to write in “English”